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RFA: dietlibc -- diet libc - a libc optimized for small size

Hi, I'm looking for a new maintainer for the dietlibc package.

 Package: dietlibc-dev
 Section: libdevel
 Architecture: alpha amd64 arm hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc ppc64 s390 sparc
 Recommends: dietlibc (= ${source:Version})
 Suggests: dietlibc-doc
 Description: diet libc - a libc optimized for small size
  The diet libc is a C library that is optimized for small size. It
  can be used to create small statically linked binaries for Linux
  on alpha, arm, ia64, mips, mipsel, ppc, parisc, s390, sparc and x86.
  This package is used to compile programs with the diet libc.
  The diet libc also supports dynamic linking, currently on the arm and
  i386 architectures only.  The 'dietlibc' package provides the shared
  See http://www.fefe.de/dietlibc/ for more information.

Regards, Gerrit.

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