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Re: Wanted: system/volunteer to do whole-archive rebuild (×3) to test sbuild

Roger Leigh wrote:
> However, in order to understand the implications, we need concrete
> data about exactly how they differ, and under what situations.  What
> I would like to do is a rebuild of the squeeze archive (since it
> won't change between builds) using each of the "internal", "apt" and
> "aptitude" resolvers.  Since sbuild records the complete set of
> packages available immediate before the build starts, we can extract
> this from the build logs, find any differences, and determine what
> causes them, if and when they occur.

Am I missing something or your really don't need none of the following:

> What is needed:
> - with a lot of disc space
> - and a lot of spare CPU cycles
> - schroot
> - LVM
> - The builds will use a cleanly debootstrapped squeeze on an LVM LV,
>   which can be freshly snapshotted for each build, as on buildds.
>   This will make the comparisons between resolvers identical.

All you seem to want is the resolver's results, nothing else.
In fact, a simple, clean, chroot running apt-get --dry-run build-dep, and 
aptitude --simulate build-dep should do it.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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