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Re: The future of m-a and dkms

2011/2/14 Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de>:
> That would be an acceptable workaround. Is there any way to prevent
> dkms from trying to build modules for the currently running kernel
> when module sources are installed (which is bound to fail in my build
> chroot)?

As far as I can see, it wouldn't be a problem.
Patrick Matthäi just mentioned the very complicated way used in fglrx,
however I've once written debian package dealing with dkms [0] and the
following expression in .postinst was doing all the work:

if [ "$1" = "configure" ]; then
        /usr/lib/dkms/common.postinst $PACKAGE_NAME $CVERSION "" $ARCH $2
        /usr/sbin/update-initramfs -u

As one can see in /usr/lib/dkms/common.postinst, it looks for kernels,
rebuilds everything and so on.
So I suppose it shouldn't be very hard work to make it behave the way you want.

[0] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/h/hp-acpi-kill/

Best wishes and have a nice day,
Vsevolod Velichko

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