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Re: HOWTO: Source a common shell script between DEBIAN/config and DEBIAN/preinst

harish badrinath, 2011-01-18 13:00:03 +0530 :

> I want to source a common file between these two scripts 

  You can't be sure that the common file is present on the system when
config runs (since that may be before the package is unpacked).  You
can, however, maintain the common part as a separate file in your source
package and inline it in both files of the generated binary.  A very
ugly implementation of this is in the fusionforge source package, using
an ad-hoc tool I called DSF-Helper (short for "Debian SourceForge
helper" -- that's how old it is).

Roland Mas

One... two... one, two, many, lots!
  -- Lias, in Soul music (Terry Pratchett)

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