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Re: Safe file update library ready (sort of)

On 04/01/11 16:24, Ian Jackson wrote:
Shachar Shemesh writes ("Safe file update library ready (sort of)"):
This is not a formal release just yet (plus one function is still
missing an implementation, trivial though it might be). It's just that
the list obviously has a few people knowledgeable on the subject who can
give my code a second look and see whether there is anything I have missed.
I think this kind of approach is the wrong way to solve most instances
of this kind of problem.  A better way is userv, which I wrote over a
decade ago and have been using with success on chiark since.


I'm sorry, it might be me, but I fail to see the overlap between the functionalities of safewrite vs. userv. The premises for safewrite is that a program wants to make sure data integrity is maintained when writing files. Userv seems to be about trust and a user level tool. The two seem to revolve around two completely different interpretations to the word "safe", as well as two completely different use scenarios.

Am I missing something here?


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd.

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