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Re: Squeeze can't fit on 512MiB


Here is an updated report on task size:

Samuel Thibault, le Wed 27 Oct 2010 18:00:16 +0200, a écrit :
> - Base+Standard grew from 397MiB to 491MiB
>   (we install libdb4.{5,6,7,8} !?, and since openssh-client recommends
>   xauth, x11 stuff gets installed)

Still 492MiB.  One nice thing is we now only have libdb4.8!

- Gnome         grew from 1830MiB to 2409MiB,
still can't fit on just CD1.
- KDE           grew from 1592MiB to 1969MiB.
- Xfce          grew from 1056MiB to 1502MiB.
- LXDE          grew from  963MiB to 1282MiB.
- Web           grew from   42MiB to   54MiB.
- Print       shrunk from  215MiB to  186MiB: 
gutenprint and such grew quite a bit, but all kinds of X11 stuff
previously pulled because pnm2ppa depends on gs provided by
ghostscript-x is not pulled any more.
- DNS           grew from    3MiB to    4MiB.
- File          grew from   74MiB to  118MiB.
(Samba grew quite a bit)
- Mail          grew from   14MiB to  94MiB.
(spamassasin recommends libc6-dev/gcc/make, and thus all their
recommends & such for sa-compile)
- SQL         shrunk from   50MiB to   44MiB.
- Laptop        grew from   26MiB to  171MiB.
(bluez-cups (and thus cups) recommended by bluetooth)


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