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Re: strange failures on lxdebian and asdfasdf.debian.net for cmor

Hi Alastair,

I'm by no means a bsd expert and you actually might want to redirect your
question to debian-bsd@l.d.o instead.

> I've a strange issue: I've a perfectly ordinary package, cmor, which fails to build on s390 and kfreebsd-amd64. In both cases it fails while trying to build a test executable, ipcc_test_code, in the test target, but with different errors in ld, segfault and abort.
> Now, outside the buildds (lxdebian and asdfasdf) the package builds fine on s390 and kfreebsd-amd64 (it fails on kfreebsd-i386, also in building ./ipcc_test_code, but that appears to be different. While I don't understand the failure yet, it is at least reproducible).


Could you maybe, as first measure, try to make the build (or the build of tests
at least) way more verbose? Surely it's not ln -sf that aborts, but that is
about all that can be found in the build logs. I guess it would be nice to see
the full command line that is being executed such that precisely this step can
be investigated in more detail. As the tests (once they run) seem to be very
verbose, this should (a) help to nail down the error and (b) could possibly be
some problem with the terminal!? (The latter is a wild guess as I have no idea
what cmor really does.)

Hope this helps,

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