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How to create a soft link with quilt

Hi, All, 

When using 3.0 (quilt) format to package a debian package, I found it 
is impossible to keep soft link with quilt, This is my procedure:

$ quilt new add-celt051-link-to-libcelt.patch
Patch add-celt051-link-to-libcelt.patch is now on top
$ quilt add celt051
File celt051 added to patch add-celt051-link-to-libcelt.patch
$ ln -s celt- celt051
$ quilt refresh
diff: celt051/null: No such file or directory
Nothing in patch add-celt051-link-to-libcelt.patch

libcelt is a directory under celt-, I want create a symbol link
celt051 point to it. 

How can I achieve this result?

Thanks and Reguards, 
Liang Guo

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