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sr@latin locale debconf pre-depends issue

As seen in #604153, debconf templates files with fields using a
ll@modifier locale such as sr@latin will fail to work with debconf
before 1.5.34. This needs to be fixed by the affected packages
Pre-Depending (not Depending) on debconf (>= 1.5.34)

Only tasksel and keyboard-configuration are currently affected.

Lintian maintainers CCed in case they would like to add a lintian check for
this. Presumably after the next release the Pre-Depends won't be
needed, but it could also be an issue for backports then.

Release team CCed since this is one of those cases where
something that looks entirely safe, like a l10n only upload, can
completly break a package in a non-obvious way. (Hardly the first time
*that*'s happened so I'm sure you're as wary as I am about translation
updates during freezes, right? :) Also because tasksel and
keyboard-configuration will need freeze exceptions.

see shy jo

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