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Re: Release Update - Upgrades, deep freeze info, BSPs

Hi all,

I have problem with graphic debian squeeze installer and encrypt partitions. I din't try text version yet.

I choose manual, then create some partitions on disk, set ext4, mountpoint / or /home, then back to menu and choose encrypt (it's 4th line from the top - under lvm, under is list of all partitions), then select partitions which I want to encrypt, there I can see mountpoint and filesystem ext4 for selected partition, but when everything is done with partitioning, encrypted partitions don't have any mountpoints and are formated as ext3. Other problem is, that when I save new state of partitions I can't change encrypt to something else anymore - only restart of instlator (back to bios and boot it again) is way to change type of partition. I don't have CDRom, so I run setup in Windows 7 and then choose instalation in boot menu (from boot.ini).

Second problem is getting IP from DHCP - I couldn't get it at work. When I tried it at home it worked for the first time but when I tried to install system for second time I didn't get IP at home as well. Both on ethernet - my laptop is Dell Latitude E4310 (13"). I didn't tried wireless.

Third problem I've been surprised that system didn't get IP on ethernet until I didn't log in to KDE4 and enter password to wallet (so could't connect through ssh to notebook after system boot up).

My english and writing style are horrible I know but I hope you got everything... If you have any questions about it let me know.

I tried weekly build and daily build 19th Nov 2010 as well with the same effect.

Kind regards, Lubos Kopecky

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