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Bug#603938: debian-installer: The 1st CD doesn't contain desktop nor laptop tasks

> > Result: only "mail server", "SSH server" and standart system are available.
> Unfortunately, that's "expected" result.  As discussed on
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2010/10/msg00311.html
> the desktop task has grown quite a bit! More than what a CD can hold, in
> any case.  This is not something that the Debian Installer can solve,
> it's general entropy at work.
Sad to hear that. It was really handy to be able to install debian from one CD.

> > Expected result: the desktop and laptop tasks are available.
> It seems we unfortunately can't expect that any more. We can still
> probably check that they fit on the 1st+2nd CDs.

I think that it should then made be clear in the release notes that the 1st CD
is not enough to install a desktop anymore and that somebody having to install a
desktop without access to the network must download the two first CDs or the
first DVD.



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