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Re: Full install/removal/upgrade test results available

On mer., 2010-11-17 at 08:37 -0600, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I have been working on a piuparts rewrite that makes it easier to find
> install/removal/upgrade bugs. When running it on all packages in
> squeeze, I'm currently getting 682 failures. That doesn't mean 682 RC
> bugs, because some of the failures are caused by bugs in other packages,
> or only exhibit when the debconf frontend is set to noninteractive, or
> are caused by dbconfig-common problems, etc. But still, there's a fair
> number of issues that should be fixed in squeeze. 

I've tried to investigate xfce4-session upgrade failure. I've reproduced
it in a lenny chroot, but I can't explain apt-get behavior:

Investigating (0) xfce4-settings [ amd64 ] < none -> 4.6.5-2 > ( xfce )
   Broken xfce4-settings:amd64 Conflicts on xfce4-mcs-plugins [ amd64 ] < 4.4.2-4 > ( x11 )
     Considering xfce4-mcs-plugins:amd64 0 as a solution to xfce4-settings:amd64 0
     Holding Back xfce4-settings:amd64 rather than change xfce4-mcs-plugins:amd64
   Investigating (0) xfce4-session [ amd64 ] < 4.4.2-6 -> 4.6.2-2 > ( xfce )
   Broken xfce4-session:amd64 Depends on xfce4-settings [ amd64 ] < none -> 4.6.5-2 > ( xfce )
     Considering xfce4-settings:amd64 0 as a solution to xfce4-session:amd64 0
     Holding Back xfce4-session:amd64 rather than change xfce4-settings:amd64
    Try to Re-Instate (1) xfce4-session:amd64

xfce4-session (4.6.2-2) depends on xfce4-settings which in turns
Conflicts: xfce4-mcs-plugins. For some reason, apt-get doesn't want to
remove xfce4-mcs-plugins and prefers to keep xfce4-settings uninstalled,
and thus xfce4-session at the previous version.

Anyone knows why and how to fix that? Would a “breaks” instead of a
“conflicts” fix it?


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