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Re: Bug#603699: ITP: celt051 -- The CELT codec v0.5.1

Am 16.11.2010 16:43, schrieb Marc-André Lureau:
Hi Patrick,

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 4:08 PM, Patrick Matthäi<pmatthaei@debian.org>  wrote:
Am 16.11.2010 16:09, schrieb Liang Guo:
Marc-André Lureau had ported spice to use the latest celt , but it is
not suitable for upstream, for the spice client and the server use
different different bitstream format.

BTW: fedora have two different version celt[3]
Yeah I am aware of the celt _madness_ - I am one of the mumble maintainers..

spice then has to be adjusted to support celt 0.9.

Then we will be incompatible with upstream. Upstream has decided to
stick to 0.5.x. This means that all the people using SPICE today are
using this version. Do we really want to be incompatible with others
distros and custom builds?

I think we should be reasonable, since Fedora and RHEL already decided
to stick to 0.5.x, that means they are going to maintain it as well.
What really prevent us from making it available in Debian?

One day, perhaps if the reasons are good enough, spice upstream will
decide to use a higher version of the bitstream. But right now, there
is no frozen bitstream, and it would be crazy to just take arbitrarily
another version, they did it once, it's enough.

Please correct me if I am missing something here.

I think at all (before submitting this ITP) you should talk about this with the celt package maintainer of Debian.

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