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Debian Web Terminal Kiosk - Graduation Work - Mozambique University UEM

Greetings Debian Support,

My name is Edelson da Costa Adriano and I’m a student from Mozambique, and i writing my graduation work, where is about WEBOS and Terminal Kiosk. And for my presentation I´m going to use a network with 30 computers having the web terminal kiosk inside them, where trough the browser the user is going to be able to access the WEBOSS.

But I’m facing a big problem, hope u can help me, I have search every article, place, site and nothing successful about creating a web terminal with debian.

I did installed the debian base system, I did install iceweasel, fluxbox, ssh, and some othe packages necessary, but the apart is getting to difficult for me, and I hope u can help, or somehow guide to the right way.

I was fallow this website: http://www.debian-administration.org/users/e5z8652/weblog/24
But didn’t help, maybe I’m not doing very well the step:

6) Go ahead and reboot, you should log in as display to a fluxbox desktop.
Switch back to VT1 and log in as root, then su – to display.

I know u do have a lot of work, but I’m hopefully u can help.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards.


Edelson Adriano 

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