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Re: testers wanted: sbuild and build-dependencies

Roger Leigh <rleigh@debian.org> writes:

> A new "aptitude" resolver has been written by Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt.
> This creates a dummy "dependency package" which is installed and
> contains Depends and Conflicts for all the appropriate Build-Depends
> and Build-Conflicts, and uses aptitude to install and remove the
> appropriate packages to satisfy them.  This has been in use on our
> experimental buildds for about a year, and we now want to look towards
> making it the default.  However, we need some more widespread testing
> to make sure the dependency resolving doesn't result in inconsistent
> installation of packages and hence inconsistent library dependencies
> or break building of any packages etc.

Yet another or did he take the one from pbuilder?

This destroys the determinicity of build dependencies. So if I say

  Build-Depends: lib-new-name | lib-old-name

so the package builds (for users) in both stable/testing and unstable it
is no longer given which library is used by the unstable buildds. Some
will pick lib-new-name and some, where the new lib isn't compiled yet,
lib-old-name. And so on.

I always heard determinicity was a wanted feature for the buildds.


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