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Bug#597202: ITP: kstars-data-extra-tycho2 -- Contains the Tycho2 star catalog for centralized install, avoiding per-user install

Hello all:

Finally I've found the needed info. Mr. Akarsh Simha from KStars have said me:

> Hi Noel, and others,
> I got an almost immediate reply from Jason regarding this stuff. While
> the site that I linked to is down, the WayBack Machine shows that we
> were indeed compliant with the policy (as advertised when we used that
> data):
> http://web.archive.org/web/20070303235508/http://adc.astro.umd.edu/adc/ques
> tions_feedback.html#policies
> The site reads:
>   All ADC data are public domain unless otherwise stated in the
>   "ReadMe" file. The data are for scientific use only and have no
>   commercial value.
>   Use of ADC data in reports, publications or formal presentations of
>   any kind should be acknowledged by reference to the original authors
>   and publication and to the ADC. The acknowledgement might read:
>   This paper uses data provided by Joe/Jane Astronomer in AJ, 110,
>   1992 as distributed by the Astronomical Data Center at NASA Goddard
>   Space Flight Center.
> Maybe we should, although we are not technically any sort of paper
> publication, make it clear somewhere in the README, that the Tycho-2
> catalog is attributed to them.
> Noel, is this sufficient? Any advice that you'd have?
> Regards
> Akarsh

I've read the ReadMe file of the Tycho2 catalog at http://cdsarc.u-
strasbg.fr/viz-bin/Cat?cat=I%2F259&target=readme& and it says nothing about 
any license, so I think that the previous statement is applicable, and thus 
the derived data (the cooked catalog file for KStars) is applicable.

Is this enough for the sponsoring process to continue?


er Envite

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