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Re: Richard A Nelson (Rick) <cowboy@debian.org> MIA

On Mon, 1 Nov 2010, Harald Jenny wrote:

sorry to disturb you but it seems like a month has passed and the situation is
still unclear.

'Tis now on the correct track, finally.

Trying to contact you in private seems to fail so I was forced
to use this way.

Fail? How? I checked my logs (back to Oct 17th at least) and I only see
those going debian - no temp/perm fails, etc.   If you have a failure
report - I'd love to see it (maybe time to drop my MX service!).

Could you give us a quick overview what the current state of
packaging sendmail and libmilter is? Do you need any help? Is there a chance to
get this new version still into Squeeze (release team?) or should we rather
focus on backporting the necessary changes to 8.14.3? As the libmilter problem
renders a class of applications unreliable this should IMHO really be
classified as RC bug.

It was a comedy of errors - all mine
*) I had a build ready to go the day after my last note
*) I had issues uploading:
   *) I now have to add options to force inclusion of source (didn't before)
   *) My Key old key had been removed from the keyring
   *) I was building newer keys, so it took a while to find the proper key
   *) The last upload attempt on Oct 16 may have been partial - never
      saw any accept note, nor a rejection ... I ran out of time

Then the Work/Life balance was tilted by serious family health issues :(

Your note reminded me (thanks) that this still wasn't done - so I tried
again and just got back:

	sendmail_8.14.4-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

So, barring bugs, it should hit testing soon

Rick Nelson
<chesty> xemacs fixed my flatulence
		-- From the "XEmacs: Not just an editor" department

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