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Re: Xen dom0 (core) merged to upstream Linux 2.6.37 and other new features

Upstream Linux support Xen pv_ops dom0 is a good news.  

I have some question about that. When pv_ops gets into upstream kernel, we can enable pv_ops dom0 support in kernel configure file before compiling. Does Debian drop  kernel for Xen in the future? In generic kernel, we can build in pv_ops support. If users want to use Xen, just install xen core and configure GRUB, then they can run Xen Dom0. 

Is this solution available?

2010/10/31 Niccolò Belli <darkbasic4@gmail.com>
OMG, I can't believe it. This is wonderful news, really.


Il 30/10/2010 15:07, Pasi Kärkkäinen ha scritto:
> Hello,
> People here might be interested to know that Xen pvops dom0 core
> was merged to upstream Linux kernel during the 2.6.37 merge window!
> This has been in the works for a long time, so it's good news.
> Note that this is the core/initial merge, there's more upstreaming
> needed to get for example the Xen dom0 backend drivers merged
> to be able to run other domains using the upstream kernel.
> Xen developers are working on upstreaming more of the missing bits
> in the next Linux versions.
> Recently in addition to the Xen dom0 bits there has been other
> upstreamed features aswell:
> - Xen PV-on-HVM drivers for fully virtualized (HVM) Linux guests in 2.6.36,
>   and optimizations for the drivers in 2.6.37.
> - Xen PCI front driver in Linux 2.6.37 for PCI passthru to Xen PV guests
>   (works also with hardware where VT-d/IOMMU is not available).
> There will also be a git kernel tree based on 2.6.37 with the backend
> drivers and other not-yet-upstreamed patches included.
> -- Pasi

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