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Bug#601380: general: Cursor changed after "apt-get autoremove"

Le lundi 25 octobre 2010 à 18:32 +0200, Victor Porton a écrit : 
> After "apt-get autoremove" mouse cursor in X/Gnome changed from white color to black color.
> The color of cursor should not be changed by "apt-get autoremove".
> (I can't point which exactly packages were removed.)

I can tell that it’s dmz-cursor-theme.

Yet I wonder what you think could be done to fix this “bug”. If you
remove a package that depends on dmz-cursor-theme, then run “apt-get
autoremove”, the cursor theme will be unavailable. So unless you are
willing to build a mind-reading device and provide Linux drivers for it,
I don’t think your request can be fulfilled.

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