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Re: Packages/DiffIndex

Hi André,

On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 09:44, André Berger <andre.berger@web.de> wrote:
> [Sorry if that's the wrong group, please point me to the right one,
> if appropriate. I've asked this question on debian-user before but
> got no reply there.]

mhh, yeah, if debian-users@ can't provide help instantly: ask again -
or just wait a tiny little bit longer than 2 days. ;)
You could also ask "upstream" - which is in this case the deity@ list.
ask.debian.net would be another option to consider next time…

> On my Lenny system, I maintain a small Debian archive. It's updated
> with "apt-ftparchive generate". I would like to add a
> Packages/DiffIndex file, but can't find out how to accomplish that.

apt-ftparchive can't generate the patch files as well as the needed Indexes.
This is a feature of dak and/or the other more advanced archivebuilders.

Patches are obviously welcomed to change that (as well as someone who
takes care of apt-ftparchive as a whole btw) -- in the meantime you
can generate them "by hand" maybe inspired by how dak and co does it
(for dak you can see it in dak/generate_index_diffs.py i think) or
you use one of the "bigger" tools to maintain your archive directly.

But, you say that it is "small", so i am tempted to say that pdiffs aren't
worthed the hassle. They can be useful if the Packages file is really big and
constantly updated, but if it is small… pdiffs have a considerable overhead
compared to a complete file download.

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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