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Bug#600777: RFH: cryptsetup -- configures encrypted block devices

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the cryptsetup package.

Cryptsetup is the commandline frontend to dm-crypt, the device
encryption implemented in the linux kernel. The package contains a lot
of scripts and wrappers in order to manage encrypted devices. A key
feature of the package is support for an encrypted root filesystem.

Unfortunately, reallife issues keep me away from giving the package the
love it needs. Many open bugs, two of them being release critical speak
for themselves. To be honest, the package is not in shape for being
released within squeeze right now.

Currently I'm the only maintainer of the cryptsetup package. A team
already exists (pkg-cryptsetup @ alioth), but former comaintainers
stopped working on the package ages ago.

I'm looking forward to welcome you in the Debian Cryptsetup Team ;-)

The package description is:
 Cryptsetup provides a command-line interface for configuring encrypted
 devices. This is done using the Linux kernel device mapper target
 dm-crypt. This version of cryptsetup has integrated support for LUKS.
 cryptsetup is backwards compatible with the on-disk format of cryptoloop,
 but also supports more secure formats. This package includes support for
 automatically configuring encrypted devices at boot time via the config
 file /etc/crypttab. Additional features are cryptoroot support through
 initramfs-tools and several supported ways to read a passphrase or key.

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