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Re: Marius Vollmer [magit] MIA?


> It looks like his initial sponsor (Risko Gergely, CCed) is not very
> active. Marius if you read this, it is usually a good idea to redirect
> your RFS mails to -mentors if your sponsor does not answer in a timely
> manner. And also ask the MIA team if s/he is inactive.

I think this is just a communication issue.

I am active, I am not saying that I am overly, very active, but
sometimes I do things in Debian and I would definitely help Marius if I
were know that we have an issue in hand.  Sorry about not reading
debian-devel, then I really would not have time for Debian :)

Marius: in the future, if you need uploads done by me, please send a
mail to me too, it seems so that I somehow missed the automatic mail
from the sponsor system (if there were any at all).

Should I do an upload of 0.7-2 as soon as I can (0.7-1.1 is in the
archives), was 0.7-2 meant for release?

Thanks and sorry for the confusion,

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