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Re: Marius Vollmer [magit] MIA?

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:39 AM, Miles Bader <miles@gnu.org> wrote:

> Thanks for the tips -- I'm not a DD, so I don't think I access to
> non-public databases, etc, but these "developers-reference" guidelines
> seem useful for the future.

Access to the MIA db for non-DDs is usually easy to get via DD. Just
ask the MIA team, on a list or on IRC and someone will usually respond
to a specific query.

> [I'm guessing that MIA queries may often come from non-DDs because it's
> the users of a package that are most likely to notice inactivity.]

Quite likely, yeah.

> I did try to look for activity outside of debian but didn't find
> anything recent...




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