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data.debian.org -- requirements for packages


I know that data.debian.org is not yet there, but I wonder whether there
is already a concept, i.e. a set of requirements that packages have to
fulfil to qualify for this archive?

I assume packages would have to be architecture 'all', but other than
that I wonder whether there will be any significant differences from
regular packaging?

In particular:

* size constraints: lower and upper limit

  When does a data package need to move data.d.o and when would it be
  too much for that one too?

* relation to other Debian packages

  Does data.d.o accept any data "standalone" package, or is it only meant for
  packages that serves as dependencies for other Debian packages?

* compression of content

  Any policy to enforce compressed file formats regarding the stuff installed
  by a data package?

* approach to avoid wasting archive space

  If a data package simply installs the content of a tarball, it would
  have the tarball content two times (one in source package and the
  identical content in the binary package). Is that taken as a fact, or
  is there an approach to handle this case more efficiently?

Thanks in advance,


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