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Re: debootstrap and fsck on lvm2 and udev

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 02:41, Pier Paolo <pierpaolo.franco@gmail.com> wrote:
i) I debootstrap (squeeze package) from lenny on a empty ext3 lvm partition (rectius: logical volume);
ii) all goes well:
  mount proc...
  mount sysfs
  aptitude ... udev, lvm2, linux-image, linux-source, ...
iii) I was trying to obtain a bootable squeeze system, obviously
  update-grub (from regular lenny) and things (i.e. change root partition root=...lvSid)
iv) the booting process stop with a kernel(?) console, saying it can't fsck the root, mounted by lvm fallback system (not udev, it seems to me the bug #593375):

Beg your pardon, madames et messieurs... I investigate the problem, and it came out that... i was not very smart yesterday night: the issue was a slash instead of a backslash in chrooted etc/fstab.....

so embarassing
Pier Paolo.

Anyway, thank you.

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