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Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages

* Bernhard R. Link <brlink@debian.org> schrieb:

> > The sysadmins should run the build through a dedicated build system
> > which generates packages for their target(s).
> A dedicated build system is always stricly inferior for a user. It needs
> more efford to set it up, efford to get all the build dependencies
> right, and interatively fixing the build process or the software is an
> utter pain.

I'm currently in process of creating a generic solution, based on
Briegel: http://sourceforge.net/p/briegel/home/

It builds everything stricly in minimal sysroot (where only the
actually required dependencies are installed into). Distro package
formats then are generated out of this.

> The part about the libc I do not understand at all. How should building
> the software somewhere else help with missing libc functions? 

By using a properly fixed libc, which statically builts in the missing
or broken functions (essentially overlaying the broken parts). Or by
using multi-libc installations.

> > In this case, the admins are also put into the role of package
> > maintainer (of their own, 1-system distro) and QM engineer.
> > They should have the neccessary skills to do that, or leave it.
> Those that do not know the difference between a software package
> maintainer's and a sysadmin's tasks and priorities should be neighter.
> As a sysadmin, producing your local packages of a quality suitable
> for general distribution will safe you from many other problems.
> But you can neighter have an knowledge deep enough in all the
> software you have for general solutions, nor will you have the
> time to do this always in the first round.

True. But at least these folks should run through the distro's
build engine on a separat testing system - otherwise they risk
great damage (especially when they're not understanding the
semantics of dynamic library loading, etc).

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