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Re: Does the HDCP crack have any implications for Debian?

On Sat, 18 Sep 2010 19:55:46 +1000
Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> wrote:
> Agreed (though I've no idea what a UK (?) pound is worth. 

Yup, UK pound, 1.00 GBP	= 1.56323 USD give or take ;)

>1920 x 1080
> x 24 bits per pixel x 24 fps = 145MB/sec (not allowing for audio)

Yeh, something like that, so with a good software raid and some good
disks that shouldnt be a problem.

> I suspect there would only be two types of user for the key - vendors
> of home entertainment systems "might" become a market (though they
> already use a system to bypass restrictions on projectors), and
> commercial pirating operations (the ones who actually press disks).
> Though the articles I've read all talk about pirates I suspect the
> reporters are just *cough* wrong (pre-release pirate material is
> copied from studio prior to encryption).
> I recall reading an article by a Google engineer where he spoke of a
> (Linux) system using multiple off-the-shelf computers with software
> (?) RAID  to achieve near-RAM speed disk access - and an evaluation
> FPGA card from www.xilinx.com is fairly cheap...

> With reference to the original posters question - maybe, just maybe,
> the key might become part of a driver to allow any display to display
> a stream from a blueray player... but I won't be writing it. I'm very
> happy with the performance I get by simply copying the bluerays I buy
> to hard drive, and I prefer keep my media on hdd.

You could build a subsystem that took the HDCP protected content from
the BR drive and passed it in the clear to the video output.

One of the biggest markets I can see is a small "repeater" box that
sits between the output from the BR player and the screen, which
passes a non HDCP signal to non certified screens, eg older but high
ress ones. 

In the end, its not really about BR, its about any content, and
breaking the end to end encryption.



> Cheers


Angus Hedger

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