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Re: License of a patch

Christian Kastner <debian@kvr.at> writes:

> On 08/30/2010 09:06 PM, D M German wrote:
>> After my presentation at DebConf this year I was pointed to your efforts
>> on the Patch Tagging Guidelines.
>> One thing I believe would be useful is if the patch included a
>> license. The simplest license would be "Same as patched code" but it
>> will clarify it.
> Wouldn't this be redundant to debian/copyright, where the licensing
> terms should be present anyway?
> Also, if debian/copyright were in DEP5 format (and properly maintained),
> one should be able to deduce the full licensing terms for any given
> patch from it automatically.
> Regards,
> Christian

I think the most benefit of having it IN the patch is for sending said
patch upstream or when others use the patch outside the debian package.
Esspecially if the patch isn't written by the maintainer but forwarded
by him.


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