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Re: Backports service becoming official

Lucas Nussbaum schrieb am Tuesday, den 07. September 2010:


> > > Alexander Reichle-Schmehl writes ("Backports service becoming official"):
> > > > Because of limitations in the Debian Bug Tracking System, any bugs
> > > > relevant to backported packages still have to be reported to the
> > > > debian-backports [3] list, which have now also been moved to
> > > > lists.debian.org [4].
> > > 
> > > What are the BTS limitations ?  Perhaps it could be improved to
> > > support backports too.  Using mailing lists for this is a bit 1980's :-)
> > 
> > From what I understand it's the version tracking and the fact that 
> > backports can have a different Maintainer then the "regular" package.
> Now that backports are becoming official, I think that it is the right
> time to reconsider the maintenance model of backports. I would
> personally prefer if we had the same rules of packages ownership as for
> normal packages ("normal" backport maintainer = maintainer of the
> package in unstable).
I completly disagree here. backports are different and I don't think I'll
ever treat them as you like. Thats exactly the type of bureaucracy I feared
when I got asked if I want to have backports official.

Don't expect that to happen until I am responsible for backports.


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