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Re: [i18n]Source packages and translation templates q.

Quoting Roger Leigh (rleigh@codelibre.net):

> How often do people make use of the information, and what for?

When it comes at me: never. 

I very much prefer having the "previous original version" comments
(lines starting with #|) that help *a lot* spotting what changed in a
fuzzy string (intelligent PO editors can even used a specific color
display with this). The hint to produce these is using "msgmerge
--previous" in the "updatepo" targets of makfiles....

> (I'd be genuinely interested to know; I haven't had any
> complaints since I turned them off, but getting concrete
> information about their usefulness is difficult.)  Do any
> translators have any comments?

As said, I don't often have any use for them, for source
code. Sometimes, when I spot a typo or error in the original string, I
can more easily provide a patch, but "grep" would be enough for this,

For debconf PO translations, these comments are useful for the
podebconf-display-po tool.

However, I'd like to add that I'm certainly far from knowing all neat
uses of stuff in gettext...so there may be good valid use cases for
such comments. I wouldn't recommend dropping them without deep

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