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Re: [request-tracker-maintainers] Bug#595054: request-tracker3.8: Race condition between RT3.8+apache2 and MySQL when booting by insserv

On Thursday 02 September 2010 00:20:04 Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
> come to replace it, be it upstart or systemd or whatever trendy thing at
> the time for squeeze+N) about peculiar inter-package dependencies on a
> package by package basis without hardcoding this to init scripts.
> I can imagine some sort of /etc/insserv.d, in which a package could
> place a file with some explicit rule about how it wants to start up.
> Then the debconf for RT could construct such a file based on what the
> user is selected as the HTTP server and as the DB server.
> That way, in a normal setup the insserv would pick whatever boot order
> in wants; when an RT is happened to be configured to run with apache2
> and mysql, its debconf could hint insserv that apache2 now depends on
> mysql booted first to start successfully. Should the user switch her DB
> backend to pg, the explicit rule would be replaced; same thing if she
> opts to change the HTTP server.

This sounds very interesting (but i am afraid i am not related to insserv) but 
consider this situation: mysql-server wants the email server to be running 
before running, and the email server is configured to authenticate users on 
mysql, so it requires mysql to be running when it starts.

This issue should be handled as well and it would not be trivial i guess.
I am not saying here that the idea in itself isn't good, but that it is very 
complex to implement and this time could rather be spent fixing the bug rather 
than building up complex ways to avoid it.

> And yes, the idea that RT could use a DB server running on another host,
> and hence RT should not prevent apache from starting if that server is
> not available, is of course valid.

Salvo Tomaselli

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