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Bug#589818: ensembl-core -- Ensembl core Perl API

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Steffen Moeller <steffen_moeller@gmx.de>


I just spotted your ITP for the ensembl-core module when I was
about to submit them same fpr our local effort towards a package
for an Ensembl web server.

Some further in-depth tests of its functionality are still
pending, but what we now have one
within the Debian Med repository that seems fine and the Ensembl
core API is a part of that.

We have so far prepared the packages ensembl, ensembl-bin
(collecting the bits that were compiled) and ensembl-doc. 
Because of your distinct interest in the core API, we will now
also prepare an ensembl-core package. It would be lovely if
we could share the effort to finalise that (and the other)
package(s). Would you have your Debian directory available
for me to inspect?

For the best possible experience with the package, we had prepared
a series of additional packages for Debian, some of which
being older version of well established Perl libraries. The
most prominent one is probably BioPerl1.2.3, others are 
libwww5.808 or libparallel-useragent. Those are still in the
Debian New Queue.

If you are not yet aware fo Debian Med, please check out
and for joining just send me your alioth user id, please.

Hoping for a nice collaboration on Ensembl and many further
biomolecular Debian packages, with best regards


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