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Re: Is Ryan Niebur MIA?

On 17/08/2010 15:51, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> Some times ago I sponsored him uploads of midori. I told him that Im interested
> in helping maintaining midori and he said that he is active and will take care
> of it if I well remember. Im sad to hear this.

I asked him multiple time if he needed help, but apparently he didn't.
The 0.2.4 upload has needed some pings, but in the end it was
successful. For 0.2.5+, not so much (Ryan had concerns about some bugs
preventing him to upload, but there wasn't any recent news on the
subject on the BTS)
> What do you suggest ?

If we don't manage to get some news from Ryan, I'm not sure. Midori
upstream is (kind of) part of Xfce project, so it could be maintained
there, but Ryan already uses git (pkg-xfce is on svn), and to be honest
I'm not that sure I'm quite prepared to add another waf-based project.

But yes, in the end, moving the project to collab maint and adding some
uploaders might be a sensible thing to do.


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