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Re: Bug#593260: ITP: bar -- Show information about a data transfer

On Mon, 16 Aug 2010, Georges Khaznadar wrote:
> Don Armstrong a écrit :
> > [as a handfull of other vigilant developers]
> > How does this [bar] differ from pv?
> I used Michael Peek's bar for a few years because I never heard
> about pv. Thank you for this notice.

No problem.[1]
> Is pv able to do the same? for example how can I use pv to monitor the
> transfer which is done by modifying a command such as:
> dd if=someImageFile of=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-TheNiceStick_0878101B77D1D977-0:0

pv someImageFile > /dev/disk/by-id/usb-TheNiceStick_0878101B77D1D977-0:0

if you wanted to use dd, you'd do something like:

pv someImageFile | dd of=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-TheNiceStick_0878101B77D1D977-0:0
You could also use dcfldd:

dcfldd if=someImageFile of=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-TheNiceStick_0878101B77D1D977-0:0

or a more complicated example with pv and dd

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=500 | pv -s 500m -N dd | gzip - | pv -cN gzip > /dev/null

Don Armstrong

1: I don't have an opinion on whether you should or shouldn't package
bar, so long as if you do, you make it obvious why you'd use it
instead of pv.
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