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Email addresses on web pages, was: Re: Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users

On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 06:42:06PM +0200, Magnus Berg wrote:
> Why is it neccecary to show mail adresses in bug reports and mail list?
> This help spammers, take capacity from the internet and makes people who
> are friendly to contribute once to bug reports and mail list crasy. I
> think that sucks and I don't help you with sending any bug reports
> because of that.

As a bug triager, I often send mail to people listed in the bug list and
therefore their addresses need to be displayed.  Either way, the same
information is accessible in the mbox files in the bug log, so there's
no point in obscuring it in the BTS web pages.

As for the mailing lists, all the spammers have to do is subscribe to
the list to get all the email addresses.  Also, since our mailing lists
are replicated at many different sites, obscuring email addresses in our
archives is completely ineffective.

Also, to head off the suggestion that we turn email addresses into
images: blind people or people with low vision should be able to use the
BTS, too.

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