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Re: Moving ACL utilities to /bin?

Bastian Blank <waldi@debian.org> wrote:


>> This makes it impossible to use them during the early boot sequence
>> before /usr is mounted, so they're unusable in udev rules for instance.
> Care to explain what you try to do? We have groups for access control to
> devices and you can't rely on the availability of acl support in /dev.

Switching libsane's udev rules to using ACLs for USB devices, so as to
finally work around the issue of multi-function devices, which raised
its ugly head again after changes in udev's default rules.

As for requiring ACL support for /dev, this is already needed by
ConsoleKit for a default desktop install.

udev uses tmpfs for /dev and tmpfs has ACL support enabled in the distro
kernels already. Seeing how it isn't reasonable anymore to run a system
without udev, ACL support for /dev is a given in the general case.

Moreover, it'd be consistent with having chmod and chown in /bin.


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