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Re: Upstream Tracker

Paul Wise wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 7:09 PM, Andrey Ponomarenko <susanin@ispras.ru>
> wrote:
>> Suggestions for libraries inclusion and feature/bug requests are very
>> welcome. Thanks!
> I'd suggest looking at each library in Debian and seeing which
> libraries you are missing that have very high numbers of reverse
> dependencies and which have very high numbers of recursive reverse
> dependencies. You could also search the BTS for bugs about ABI issues
> and include any libraries affected by those.

Ideally, why not include every single library in Debian?

Some months ago I saw Andrey's announcement[1] of the API sanity check tool 
in Gentoo's QA mailing list and started working on it in an attempt to check 
every library in Debian. I didn't go far with it, but it was mostly a matter 
of lack of time. "Upstream Tracker" is more complete and we should really 
try to use it and integrate it in our processes.

I don't know what's the capacity and support for the idea of checking all of 
Debian's libraries that the Linux Verification Center is willing to give, 
but I'm sure we could find a .d.o machine to host a copy of the tool if 


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