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Re: question: startscripts

Am Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010 schrieb Yaroslav Halchenko:
> I am sorry, probably I am missing the point but isn't it RTFM issue in how
> to use sysv-rc to be able to revert back easily... e.g.:
Hi Yaroslaw, 

sorry, I described it not quite clear. It is not the problem of sysv-rc, as 
after the change to sysv-rc everything worked well for months. 

But after an update some time ago, I got some problems with some starting 
timings. To specify: kdm/gdm/xdm is not staring at boot (and only at boot). 
When the computer is started, the command "/etc/init.d/kdm restart" let kdm 
startr like a charm.

So, I suppose, one of the scripts might be set wrong. Thus I wanted just to  
renewal them all. I mentioned sysv-rc, because I thought, it might be 
important to know for it. Again: There is no bug in sysv-rc!

Thanks for the response anyway. :)



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