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Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling

Quoting Patrick Matthäi (pmatthaei@debian.org):

> Maybe the default value at d-i for popcon should be set to true
> (report popcon statistics).
> atm it is false.

To people who would be tempted to followup on this and yell and "Thou
Shalt Not Do This" with arguments about ${privacy}, I suggest
thinking twice.

This has been discussed dozens of times since D-I automatically
installs popcon and *always* ruled out.

The question about popcon is asked at default install priority. Its
wording has been thought as carefully as possible, in order to explain
that popcon submissions are a helper for developers and not An Evil
Spy. This question is well translated to 62 languages.

There is nothing more we can do to have as many popcon submissions as
possible, really. If the number is decrasing, this is because the
number of Debian users who choose to install popcon is
decreasing. Very probably because the number of people who use Debian
is decreasing. Period.

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