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Re: Priority dependence

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 12:41:54PM +0200, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> * Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> [100718 19:30]:
> > Ideally, it would be nice to be able to sort out packages by priority and,
> > from that, build, say, a CD set of only the important and higher packages
> > and know that it's self-contained.  In practice, I suspect that we have
> > enough packages with problems here that you have to compute the dependency
> > closure anyway, but insofar as priorities are useful for anything, I think
> > that was the goal.
> Calculating a dependency closure is neither an easy nor an task with
> a well-defined outcome. Starting with more data makes that both more
> easy and more likely to come to deterministic results (with a good
> enough starting set, most dependencies will most likely already be in
> that set, so the likelyhood to encounter virtual packages or or-ed
> dependencies (especially those were different packages have different
> first choices) is much smaller.
> The difference between optional and extra is indeed mood today. But I
> guess that is mostly because dh_make is making everything optional
> instead of extra by default...

Uhm, I don't think that is the case; I, for one, have always adjusted
the priority of dh_make-generated packages to "optional" by hand :)

[roam@straylight ~]$ dpkg -L dh-make | perl -nle '-f and m{/control$} and print' | sort | xargs fgrep Priority
/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debianb/control:Priority: extra
/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debiani/control:Priority: extra
/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debiank/control:Priority: extra
/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debianl/control:Priority: extra
/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debianm/control:Priority: extra
/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debiann/control:Priority: extra
/usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debians/control:Priority: extra
[roam@straylight ~]$


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