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Re: udev: chown of /dev/ppp

Am Samstag, 17. Juli 2010 schrieb Marco d'Itri:
> On Jul 17, "Hans-J. Ullrich" <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
> > applications, which are using /dev/ppp also must be run as root. I think,
> > for
> We have group dip to manage access to programs which can start network
> connections.
Sorry. if I am wrong, I am not very well experienced with the required access 
rights. The background of my report is, that I tried to start the application 
"umtsmon" (a dialout application for 3g-modems) as a normal user, and I found 
no way to start it as no one else as root. The main problem is: It MUST be 
started as root, as /dev/ppp has to be accessed by root. In other words: If 
you start umtsmon as user root, everything is working fine, if you start it as 
a normal user (which should be able to), it crashes because it cannot get 
access to /dev/ppp.

> > Normal users, which are allowed to dial out, should be added to group
> > "dialout" by root. Device /dev/ppp should be set to 660, and owner
> > root:dialout.
> No way, this is totally wrong.

Ok, I am still learning. What is the better way?
> > I suggest, to add these changes in the next version of udev. Doing so as
> > a standard, it is easy to set all dialout applications, like kppp,
> > umtsmon, gppp and other similar to execute as group "dialout".
> They are not supposed to.
Just an idea....

> BTW, I am the udev *and* ppp maintainer.

This is very fine, so everything is in one hand and I hope, if I have 
questions, I may ask them, even if they are dump. Please be gentle...

I will check the situation and maybe find another way.

Happy hacking!


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