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Re: Bug#588946: ITP: wacom-source -- Wacom kernel driver in DKMS format

>>   Package name    : wacom-source
>>   Version         : 0.8.8
>>   Upstream Author : Ping Cheng <pingc@wacom.com>
>>   License         : GPL-2
>>   Description     : Wacom kernel driver in DKMS format
>>  This package builds an updated Wacom Kernel Module using
>>  DKMS. This replaces the out-of-date module included with the
>>  Kernel and rebuilds it whenever a new kernel is installed.

Is there a reason why this isn't simply done inside the kernel? Either
upstream, or if that doesn't work out for whatever reason, inside the
debian kernel tree?

>> I use Ubuntu, but have been having trouble getting any MOTU's or Ubuntu Devs
>> to listen to me, so I made this package. If I can get this package into
>> debian, than I can get it into Ubuntu, and than hopefully backported to
>> Lucid.
> So you're not only working around the kernel development process, you're
> also working around the Ubuntu development process?  Way to go...

This is indeed a pretty bad reasoning to put something into
Debian. "They don't listen to me, lets force it down their throat this
way". I'm happy for any contribution to Debian, and I even much prefer
it going through Debian first and then move over to ubuntu, but this
looks like ignoring two existing sets of people.

bye, Joerg
>  I. What would you do if a package has no sane default configuration?
>     (There is *no* default configuration that works on most systems!)
   The best thing to do would be to add such a default configuration.
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