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Re: Removal of not+kfreebsd and linux-gnu dependency, bugs already filled

* Julien Cristau | 2010-07-02 16:20:24 [+0100]:

>> This started as Kyle (Cc) filled #585767 because some packages failed to
>> build on powerpcspe (not official, in debian-ports atm). The gnu
>> triplet there is powerpc-linux-gnuspe so type-handling provides
>> not+linux-gnu. This is also the case for armel since its triplet ends
>> with gnueabi.
>Sounds like a bug in type-handling to me.
Yep, that what we though in the beginning. However the match we get is
<os>-<gnuname> i.e. the $hostos. This is not gnu but gnueabi in the armel
So the bug is actually to use linux-gnu while one really meant linux
which is correctly provided by the type-handling package.



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