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Re: Razer Mice

Dear reporter,
initrd.pwn@comcast.net schrieb am 02.07.2010 08:35:
> After digging for support for Razer Gaming Mice for the past year, I came
> across a project that supports a number of Razer mice and and uses pyqt4 for
> the interface. This is a great tool and as I have noticed not just the number
> of Linux users growing but gamers whom use such mice, such as myself (I own 2;
> Copperhead & Death Adder), I thought it might be a great addition to the
> Debian repositories. Is there someone willing to take this on? Is this the
> place to ask? If not then redirect me. If so and no-one is willing, would
> someone be willing to point me in the direction of how to get sponsored? 
> I have 5 years of experience using Linux and am willing to learn. 

you either want to file an so called "Request For Packaging" (RFP) bug, in case
you just want to ask for inclusion of the package into Debian. To do that,
please run:
reportbug wnpp
and follow the instructions.
In case you want to maintain the package, you want to file an "Intend To
Package" (ITP) bug. The command is the same as above, just select ITP instead of
RFP when prompted.
Please make sure, there isn't already a bug for the package you wish to see
enter Debian (reportbug should help you take care of that).

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

P.S.: What do you mean by "support for Razer Gaming Mice"? Do you mean some
configuration interface for mapping buttons or changing sensitivity? Or do you
mean a kernel module needed to get them working? In the latter case you might
want to talk to the Kernel maintainers before you file a bug.


Kai Wasserbäch (Kai Wasserbaech)

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