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Re: Advanced Startup/Shutdown with Multilayered Block Devices and Related Issues


I do not see how a event based initsystem would us actually help (but
perhaps I just don't understand it well enough).
I mean an event would be something like "mount root-fs".... but then it
would be still completely open, on what to actually do for that.

I'm also do some thinking/planning on a solution for some of the
problems I've described....
Problem is,... that it will be rather different from what we have
now.... and I still have some gaps which are probably hard to fill (if
possible at all).
As soon as I find some time, I'll present my ideas on the wiki, for
general discussion.

Regarding the shutdown thingy... is there any chance that Debian would
introduce kind of un-initramfs-images, in order to really unmount (not
remount,ro) and then cleanly "close" all open block devices?
Or do we have to look for different solutions here (if there are any).


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