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Re: Purpose and policy of the future backports.debian.org.

Andrei Popescu schrieb am Wednesday, den 30. June 2010:

> On Mi, 30 iun 10, 12:58:25, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> > Charles Plessy schrieb am Wednesday, den 30. June 2010:
> > > 
> > > When I asked about relaxing the rules, I was in particular thinking about
> > > upload of backports prepared by the original maintainer, before testing
> > > migration. For instance in some cases, it is crystal clear from the debdiff and
> > > the maintainer's tests on his computer that some changes uploaded to unstable
> > > will not introduce new bugs. Updating the backport at the same time would save
> > > some time and simplify our schedules (no upload echo 10 days later). The other
> > I'm strongly against that. I want packages properly tested and in your own
> > interest you should wait for testing migration of your packages. (of course
> > there can be exception, but not in general). 
> Maybe the backports upload queue could automatically put the package on 
> hold until the unstable package has migrated to testing.
Send patches :)


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