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Bug#587521: ITP: dose3

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Ralf Treinen<treinen@debian.org>

Package name:    dose3
Version:         0.7
Upstream Author: Pietro Abate <pietro.abate@pps.jussieu.fr> 
URL: http://gforge.info.ucl.ac.be/frs/download.php/160/dose3-0.7.tar.gz
Licence: GPL >=3
Programming Language: OCaml
Tentative Description:
  Dose3 is a framework made of several OCaml libraries for managing
  distribution packages and their dependencies.

  Though not tied to any particular distribution, dose3 constitutes a pool of
  libraries which enable analyzing packages coming from various

  Besides basic functionalities for querying and setting package properties,
  dose3 also implements algorithms for solving more complex problems
  (monitoring package evolutions, correct and complete dependency resolution,
  repository-wide uninstallability checks). 
Maintainer: Debian OCaml Maintainers

Remark: This is the new implementation of the dose2 libraries and the 
accompanying tools, in particular edos-distcheck. We will for the moment
upload only to experimental until we are comfident that the new
implementation can be used as a replacement of the old one. During that
time we will use names of binary packages that do not clash with existing
names of binary packages in unstable. Once we know everything is OK we will
transition from the old edos-distcheck to the new one.

Ralf Treinen
Laboratoire Preuves, Programmes et Systèmes
Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France.

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