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Advanced Startup/Shutdown with Multilayered Block Devices and Related Issues

Hi folks.

IIRC, Jonas already put some of these issues up here some time ago.
I was recently investigating, and thanks to the help of many people
found out how deep the problems actually are.

Following a discussion at lkml
(http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/1003210), I've decided that
it would be a good idea to try bringing all kernel developer experts and
(regarding Debian) maintainers together. 

It goes about booting/startup/shutdown of filesystems (including the
root-filesystem) when those are on possible multiple block device layers
(e.g. disk-->lvm-->dmcrypt-->filesystem).

I've put up a wiki site
(http://wiki.debian.org/AdvancedStartupShutdownWithMultilayeredBlockDevices) which tries to describe and discuss the main issues and related issues.

It's on the Debian wiki, but I guess (as most of them are probably
inter-distro-issues ^^) we can happily invite all non-Debian people to
join the discussion :) .

I've also tried to separate the generic discussion from every Debian

In order to draw attention of the Debian maintainers (respectively their
lists) which I guess are at least affected with their packages, I've
CCed them in this mail.
Please remove them if you reply to it, or the might be quite annoyed
(and blame me ;) ).
If I forget any package that is related, please tell them or let me note

Best wishes,

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