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RFA: a lot of packages

Hi fellow debian developers

I have found out that I have less time for Debian than before.
Therefore I would like someone to take over some of my packages.
You can see the list of RFA bugs that I have submitted to

Bug#586406: RFA: countrycodes
Bug#586408: RFA: ledcontrol -- scriptable keyboard led control
Bug#586410: RFA: ntop -- display network usage in top-like format
Bug#586411: RFA: pnscan -- Multi threaded port scanner
Bug#586412: RFA: primaxscan -- Primax Colorado Direct scanner software
Bug#586413: RFA: tightvnc -- virtual network computing server software
Bug#586414: RFA: vnc4 -- Virtual network computing server software
Bug#586415: RFA: tightvnc-java -- TightVNC java applet and command line
Bug#586416: RFA: vnc-java -- VNC java applet and command line program
Bug#586418: RFA: lightspeed -- Shows how objects moving at relativistic...
Bug#586422: RFA: x2vnc -- A dual-screen hack - link an MS-Windows and X...

Just to inform. I'm not interested in sponsoring someone. It usually
take about the same time for me as maintaining it myself. Sorry. :-)

Best regards,

// Ola

PS. I'm not subscribed to debian-devel, so please Cc me if you want
me to answer.

 --------------------- Ola Lundqvist ---------------------------
/  opal@debian.org                     Annebergsslingan 37      \
|  ola@inguza.com                      654 65 KARLSTAD          |
|  http://inguza.com/                  +46 (0)70-332 1551       |
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