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Bug#586110: ITP: mumps-metis -- Mumps library with METIS support

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: trophime <trophime@lncmi.cnrs.fr>

* Package name    : mumps-metis
  Version         : 4.9.2
  Upstream Author : Patrick Amestoy et al.
* URL             : http://mumps.enseeiht.fr/
* License         : public domain
  Programming Lang: C, Fortran
  Description     : Mumps library with METIS support

MUMPS implements a direct solver for large sparse linear systems, with a
particular focus on symmetric positive definite matrices.  It can
operate on distributed matrices e.g. over a cluster.  It has Fortran and
C interfaces, and can interface with ordering tools such as METIS.

Code_Aster (ITP 458812) uses MUMPS with METIS, so this package will
play a role in that packaging effort.

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